SM Pro Audio announces V-Rack

Talk about the next revolution…. the V is back! Based around the recently developed “Powered by VFX” hardware platform, VST and VSTi plug-ins can be loaded directly into SM Pro Audio’s new V-Rack. The V-Rack is a powerful and unique product designed to provide musicians, engineers, producers, and guitarists performance products they can rely on. The new V-Rack offers VST/VSTi plug-in compatibility in a stand-alone hardware unit without the need for a standard PC/Mac computer!

The V-Rack features the same functionality as the V-Machine, but has more horse power, balanced stereo audio inputs and balanced outputs, digital I/O and a LAN connector. Perfect for studio or live use, the V-Rack is well suited for use as an outboard effects unit, synthesizer module, or even a mastering unit. The V-Rack features high-end AD/DA converters and offers a level of performance suitable for all professional environments. A true chameleon, the V-Rack can be configured to operate as just about any outboard audio device on demand.

• Intel Core Duo CPU 2.66 GHz
• 2 GB RAM (Up to 4 GB)
• 8 GB Flash Drive
• Upgradable by user
• 4 unbalanced inputs
• 2 balanced inputs
• 2 instrument inputs
• Digital I/O (S/PDIF)
• 2 balanced outputs
• 2 unbalanced outputs
• adjustable headphone amplifier
• LAN connector
• 4 USB Ports and 1 USB host
• MIDI in port

All SM Pro Audio V-products ship with control configuration software compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Users can load up their VST/VSTi plug-ins on their computer for auditioning, sound-set creation, and bank/preset memory assignment prior to transferring to one of the V-products for stand-alone use. Simple intuitive software makes sound and effect creation a breeze. Transferring your plug-ins to the V-Rack couldn’t be easier. A speedy USB transfer to the hardware units takes care of all required user data, memories, and of course plug-in transfer. Once in the main unit… you have freed your plug-ins from the computer and have instant immediate access to your instrument and effect sound creations on a dedicated hardware unit.

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