UPDATE Korg M01 Music Workstation for Nintendo DS

The Korg M01 is a palm-sized Music Workstation for the Nintendo DS and DSi, based on one of the most populair synths in the eighties, the Korg M1 workstation.

The Korg M01 is multitimbral and had the original sound engine from the M1, including the famous "M1 Piano" and other presets and PCM waveforms. KORG M01 will have over 300 presets, included new sounds. All presets can be organized by sound category in the browser, and you can tweak all the sounds. 


The M01 has a fully functional 8 track sequenser, mixer and effectens such as reverb and delay. You can chances filters, note snales, there is a chaoes mode. And you can control the Kaosspad with your stylus on the toush screen from the Nintendo DS or DSi. You can exchange sounds and songs with other users. All date will be transferred by WIFI.


Some specs:
- 8-part multi-timbral synthesizer with more than 300 sounds including whole of the original PCM data in the KORG M1 (maximum 12 voices)
- 8-track/16-step sequencer (maximum 64 steps per a sequence)
- 1 Master effect: Reverb or Delay
- Simple and well-composed screens structure: Track overview, Sound browser, Sequence edit, Mixer, and Keyboard
- Easy input mode for notes, chords, and drums with Touch control screen
- Exchange of song data between the others with Nintendo DS wireless system

KORG M01 will be released in Japan in December, 2010, the rest of the world wil follow soon. More info on the Japanese website www.detune.co.jp.




Anonymous Coward31/08/2010 13:09
Interesting! Another big instrument emulation on a gaming device. I wonder if this has a future just like some of the iPad music apps you see now appearing. Some of those are really good I think.

Anonymous Coward31/08/2010 20:47
If this thing doesn't come with some sort of MIDI input it will be an absolute travesty.

Anonymous Coward16/02/2011 21:05
mmmh, with korg ds10 we could edit the samples... it is impossible here with m01...

Anonymous Coward06/04/2011 22:45
"You can chances filters, note snales, there is a chaoes mode."

Ok, this sentence pisses me off. First, there are not any filter options on the M01, so you cannot "chance" a filter. In fact, there are no filters period. You cannot tweak any of the preset sounds other than with the reverb/delay FX parameters, they are fixed tones.

Anonymous Coward08/04/2011 15:01
This article is badly in need of an editor! I also could not find any way of editing the sounds in M01, something you could do in the DS10. This makes it harder to create unique sounds, and ultimately "original" material.

Saying that the M01 is an incredible tool that's bound to provide hours of fun to anyone with a passing interest in music creation.