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Electrix Filter queen

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 Electrix Filter queen  Electrix Available from 11/30/1999 until 01/01/2005

Big analog sound in a small package! Nothing sounds as great as real analog filtering. Filterqueen can turn the dullest, most lifeless samples into lush, warm, phatt sounds.

Use an expression pedal to control the Band, Notch, Low Pass or High Pass filters and go way beyond the classic Wah sounds. Or use the band limited envelope follower to trigger filter sweeps in perfect sync with the kick drum. Produce surreal Phase shifting effects by combining our unique "negative" resonance with the Notch filter and a fast LFO.

FilterQueen is the first multi mode, stereo filter ever to hit this price range and if that's not enough, its audio quality will impress even the most discerning ear. Powerful sound shaping, wicked price.

Extended information

Sound Investment. Combining quality, versatility and price, FilterQueen will endure from hobby to pro.

Does Size Matter? Our Unique 10" tabletop/modular rack-mount design can easily find a home in your space.

Slide into Your Groove. No need to worry about tempo; the envelope follower can auto-trigger filter sweeps in perfect sync with the kick, mid range or the high hats.

Raise the Dead! Nothing is as powerful or sounds as great as real analog filtering. FilterQueen can turn the dullest, most lifeless samples into lush, warm and extremely phatt sounds.

Four Filter Types. Choose between Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch filters.

Five Waveforms: saw tooth, inverse saw tooth, triangle, square and random.

The Envelope Follower creates a unique sound-shaping palette with depth, shape and band limiting controls.

The LFO can be used at the same time as the envelope follower for some funky modulations.

The Expression Pedal input lets you play the frequency like a Wah pedal.

Loads of I/O allows you to run virtually anything through the FilterQueen.

Technical specifications

Footswitch Control: tap tempo, engage, envelope engage
2 Pole / 4 Pole Mono Switch
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB
SNR (A-weighted) >90dB
THD: <0.03%
I/O: Stereo 1/4" and RCA +4dBu line inputs/outputs with phono preamp
Max input/output level: +15dBu

Unit size: 10W x 3.5H x 3.5D
Durable aluminum chassis
Slip-free anodized aluminum knobs
Unique rackmount/tabletop design
Custom springloaded/backlit buttons

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  • Filter Queen goes everywhere I go. I use it to shape sound before I hit my EchoPro (Kung Pow 01 studio)

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