Digigram PCXpocket v3

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 Digigram PCXpocket v3
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 Digigram Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

In 1997, Digigram PCXpocket was the first Type II PC Card for professional audio applications on a laptop. Digigram now offers you a choice Pocket cards with a range of processing power levels and audio interface configurations.

Extended information

Our latest generation stereo model, the PCXpocket v3 has both analog and digital inputs and outputs and provides the finest portable audio quality with its 24-bit converters. Significant on-board DSP enables the PCXpocket v3 to manage a variety of Digigram Powered (np SDK) applications, including those that can take advantage of its LTC (SMPTE) time-code input for synchronization. These applications can perform their audio processing on the PCXpocket v3, instead of on the computer's native processor.

The PCXpocket v3 is also compatible with PC software that operate under Microsoft's WAVE protocol and run on the laptop's processor. It has two balanced analog mono inputs at microphone or line level and two balanced analog outputs. SPDIF input and output allow direct digital transfer. A break-out cable is provided with XLR connectors for the analog inputs/outputs, phono (CINCH) connectors for the digital input/output, and a phono connector for the LTC input.

The three Digigram PCXpocket cards are designed primarily for specialized Digigram Powered applications that are written by our development partners to run on the cards' on-board digital signal processors. For standard third-party audio and music production software on Windows or Mac OS platforms, the Digigram VXpocket should be considered.

* The PCXpocket v3 is full duplex, offering simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities.
* PCM encoding/decoding resolutions are 8, 16, or 24 bits.

Technical specifications

Analog inputs (stereo) 1 balanced mic/line
Maximum input level/impedance +10dBu/ > 10k
Microphone input gain +26 dB or 47 dB
Digital inputs (stereo) 1 SPDIF
Other inputs LTC (SMPTE)
Analog outputs (stereo) 1 balanced

Maximum output level/impedance +10 dBu/low impedance
Programmable output level digital and analog
Digital outputs (stereo) 1 SPDIF
Access to main status bits of digital frame yes
AES11 sychronization yes
Connectors XLR for analog audio phono CINCH for others
Sampling frequencies available Adjustable 8 to 48 kHz by 100 Hz steps
A/D and D/A converter resolutions 24 bit
Frequency response at 48 kHz (record + play) 20 Hz - 20 kHz: ±0.15 dB
Signal to noise ratio (unweighted) >94 dB
Distortion + noise at 1 kHz (record + play) <-89 dB
Channel phase difference: 20 Hz/20 kHz <0.2°/2°
Analog channel crosstalk at 1 kHz <-90 dB

Digital management np SDK
Other management WAVE
Supported OS Windows 95/98, 2000, NT 4.0

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