Mawzer Mawzer Midi Controller

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 Mawzer Mawzer Midi Controller
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 Mawzer Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

The MAWZER is the only MIDI controller on the market allowing an infinite customizable combination of controls. May you work in the Audio field or as a VJ, the MAWZER will help you do the job faster and easier. Simply plug *MODULES* in the Backplane, assign midi controls in your favorite software, and you’re ready to play.

Extended information

The MAWZER is build with ruged materials,enclosed in a flight-case box for maximum reliability in your live experience. The revolutionary MODULAR concept of MAWZER is the key for an effective eDJ work. Change the configuration in seconds to adapt your studio project or live situation, day afer day. MAWZER, a new level of freedom.

Technical specifications

- 32 modules slots (ex 128 pots max !!)
- 8 different modules to choose from
- MIDI and USB connections
- MTC and midiclock generation
- large LCD display
- integrated universal power supply
- any module combination will work

MODULES - Complete range of available modules:
- BUT 4 buttons w/Led
- ENC 4 encoders
- FAD 1 fader (10cm)
- POTh 4 potentiometers (horizontal version)
- POTv 4 potentiometers (vertical version)
- TCH Touchpad (5*3cm) + 2 buttons w/Led
- VUM Stereo Vu-meter
- XFD DJ crossfader (6cm) + 2 buttons

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