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 Antares AMM 1
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 Antares Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

Inside this unassuming (but stylish) 1U rack is contained the spirit of many of the world's most revered microphones. Based on the same TEC Award-winning technology that made our Antares Microphone Modeler the most talked-about software plug-in of 2000, the AMM-1 lets most any reasonable quality microphone sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics.

Extended information

From historical classics to modern exotics to a selection of industry-standard workhorses, simply tell the AMM-1 what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you'd like it to sound like. It's really as simple as that. You can even mix and match the bass and treble characteristics of different microphones or add the warmth of classic tube saturation.

And with over 100 mic models built in, as well as the ability to add new models downloaded from our web site, the AMM-1 will insure that you always have the right mic sound for every track.

So check out the new AMM-1 at your local Antares dealer. Where the future is still what it used to be.

Proprietary DSP-based acoustic modeling allows any reasonable quality microphone to sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics
Models reproduce the effects of windscreens, low-cut filters, pattern-dependent frequency response and proximity effects
Create hybrid mics that combine the bass response of one mic with the treble response of another
Add a model of classic tube saturation distortion
Use during mixdown to change the mic on an already recorded track
Incredibly simple to use -- simply select the mic you're using and the mic you want it to sound like
Includes an extensive collection of digital models of historical classics, modern exotics, and industry-standard workhorses
Additional models can be downloaded from the Antares web site

Technical specifications

The following is the list of the mics that are included in the AMM-1 ROM. We have a lot more in the pipeline and we'll be adding mics to the "New Arrivals" list below as their modeling is completed. If you'd like to see us model a mic that's currently not on the list, email your suggestion to: with the words "Mic Suggestion" in the subject line. We can't promise that we'll be able to model every one, but if we see certain mics getting a lot of votes, we'll do our best to have them included.

Please Note: All trademarks appearing below are the property of their respective owners. The following manufacturer names and model designations are used solely to identify the microphones analysed in the development of our digital models and do not in any way imply any association with or endorsement by any of the named manufacturers.

AKG C12A; C414; C414B/ULS Limited Edition Gold; C414B/ULS Modified by Audio Upgrades; C414B/ULS Modified by Jim Williams; 460B/CK61-ULS; D1; D112; C1000S; D790; D100S; C3000; C4000B; Solid Tube

Alesis AM61

Audio Engineering Associates R44C

Audio-Technica ATM-11; ATM-31; AT853Rx; AT3525; AT4047/SV; AT4033a/SM; AT4050; AT4055; AT4060

Audix D4; OM2; OM3-xb; OM5; OM6; CX111; SCX1

B&K 4007

Behringer Ultravoice XM8500

Beyerdynamic M-500 Limited Edition; MC-834

Brauner VM1; Valvet

CAD Equitek E100; Equitek E200; Equitek E350; C400S; VSM1; 95Ni

Coles 4038

Earthworks Z30x; TC30K

ElectroVoice PL20; N/D357

Groove Tubes MD-1

Lawson L47MP

Manley Labs Reference Gold

MicroTech Gefell UMT800

Neumann U47; U87; U87 70th Anniversary Gold Edition; M149; TLM193; KM184; TLM103

Oktava MC-012; MK-219; MK-319


Rode NT1; NT2; NTV

Royer R-121

Sennheiser MD421; MD441; E609; E835S

Shure Beta 52; Beta 57A; Beta 58; Beta 87A; Beta 98D/S; SM7A; SM57; SM58; SM81; SM98A; KSM32; VP88

Sony C37P; C48; C800G; C800G(w)

Soundelux U95S

Tannoy Large Vintage Ribbon; Small Vintage Ribbon

Telefunken U-47

New Arrivals

Here are some newly modeled mics that we've completed since the release of the AMM-1. They're available for download now.

AKG C 12 VR; C414 EB; C 535 EB; The Tube

Audio-Technica AT4051

Beyerdynamic M500

Earthworks QTC1

Electro-Voice RE55; RE15; RE16; N-D868

Marshall MXL 2001P; MXL 2003

Neumann M147; TLM 103; KM 84

Shure SM98A

Coming Soon

Here are some additional mics that we're currently modeling. They'll be available for downloading soon.

Audio-Technica AT813a; ATM25

CAD Equitek E-200

Langevin CR-3A

Neumann U 47 FET


Sennheiser MD 421-II; K6-ME64

Shure SM7

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