E-MU Systems darwin

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 E-MU Systems darwin  E-MU Systems Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

The Emu Darwin is an 8-Track recorder with a built-in 2 GB Harddisk. It features Tape-machine style punch in/out recording, Non-destructive editing and MTC and MMC sync support.

Extended information


DARWIN is a stand-alone random access recorder that features screen-based digital audio workstation (DAW) style recording/editing capabilities, tape-based system ease-of-use, and a price point competitive with ADAT and DA-88 modular multitrack digital recorders.


DARWIN is much more than a simple recording device. DARWIN is a creativity tool unto itself which will stimulate your imagination and allow your recordings to evolve as quickly as your ideas. Forget the limitations of traditional tape-based recording. DARWIN delivers the mind-bending power of non-destructive random access recording and editing. Consider being able to cut and paste that riff you could only get right once (we all know that riff, right?) over and over throughout a song, seamlessly and effortlessly. Or, completely change the structure of a song--dozens of different ways with just a few key strokes--without affecting your first take. Or, instantly resurrect that once-in-a-lifetime vocal track you accidentally punched-in and wiped out. DARWIN will do it all.

Advanced DAW features

Try on DARWIN's high resolution graphic display, or nondestructive playlist-style editing, or multiple levels of undo. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

More than 8 tracks available

Up to four DARWIN units can be slaved together for 32 instantly accessible tracks. Of course DARWIN can also be used as an expander to a tape-based multirack. But most amazing of all is the unlimited track capability of a single DARWIN through its Virtual Slave Reel (VSR) feature. Using VSR, you can instantly create new versions of a project that can then be used for recording additional tracks. The number of additional tracks that can be created with VSR is limited only by your available disk space!

Technical specifications

Nondestructive playlist style editing
Audition Edit mode
Tape machine-style punch in/out with foot switch control
Rehearse function
Virtual Slave Reel (VSR) function
40 instantly recallable locate points
Multiple levels of undo/redo
Dedicated tape machine-style controls
10 segment LED meters with clip hold and peak hold
Jog/Shuttle wheel with tape machine-like feel
240x64 LCD for graphic display of editing parameters
44.1k and 48k sample rates supported
Advanced MIDI Machine Control and Midi Time Code
Internal 8x2 digital mixer with pan
Backup to standard SCSI DAT drives
MS DOS compatible file system
Native .WAV file format for compatibility with computers and multimedia systems
4 analog balanced audio inputs
8 analog balanced audio outputs
Switchable +4/-10 dB operation
S/PDIF digital I/O
5 rear panel option slots and 2 internal option slots


ADAT digital I/O interface card
SCSI host port card for connection to external computer
Sync card for linking up to 4 DARWIN units
Additional 4 analog input expansion card

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