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 Ensoniq dp4+  Ensoniq Available from 01/01/1995 until 11/30/1999

The DP/4+ is a 19"" 2U Multi-Effects Processor with 4 independent 24-bit stereo processors, 4 Ins and 4 Outs, 400 presets and Dynamic MIDI control.

Extended information

Building on the already amazing DP/4, Ensoniq has endowed the DP/4+ with incredible powers of effects processing! Flexible input and output options, 54 algorithms designed for the highest fidelity and the most control over your sound possible, and other great features make this effects processor a wonderful tool!

Four independent stereo effects processors integrated into a 2U rack space, for the utmost in flexibility, functionality, and fidelity. The DP/4+ Parallel Effects Processor...the one-of-a-kind processor designed to meet the demands of today's recording and performing artist.

4 independent 24-bit stereo processors
4 inputs & 4 outputs (balanced 1/4"" TRS)
Able to process 1, 2, 3, or 4 signals
54 algorithms
400 Presets
Seamless switching of effects
Dynamic MIDI control
Front-panel headphone jack (with output muting)
Front-panel XLR / 1/4"" input
Dedicated input & output volume knobs
3-step input LED's
+4/-10 dB switching
Output mixing

Technical specifications

Memory 54 Algorithms:
1 Unit (50)
2 Unit (3)
4 Unit (1)

Algorithm List 400 Presets (200 ROM, 200 RAM) 100 each (50 ROM, 50 RAM) of the following:
1 Unit Presets
2 Unit Presets
4 Unit Presets
Config Presets (4 Units plus all the signal routing parameters)
256K words (512 Kbytes) of delay memory
Maximum delay time per unit = 1.6 seconds
Maximum single delay time (no regeneration) = 6.6
20 Song memories for chaining any 5 Presets together for performance situations

Input/Output Specifications A/D - D/A conversion: 16 bit linear Input Level: -34.6 dBV to +22 dBu Maximum output level:
into >10.K = +19.2 dBu
into 600. = +15.7 dBu
Input impedance:
Rear Input = 18.6 K
Front Input (1/4"") = 910.K
Front Input (XLR) = 1.K
Output impedance: 300
Frequency Response: 2 Hz-18 kHz
Dynamic Range: 96 dB
Signal - Noise ratio: -90 dB ""A"" weighted
THD+Noise: >.0032% (90 dB) ""A"" weighted
Crosstalk between channels: better than -80 dB (1 KHz)
IM distortion (SMPTE): 0.05%

Front Panel Controls 4 Input and 4 Output volume knobs
1 Neutrik combination XLR/ 1/4"" Input (overrides Input 1 on back panel) with Signal Gain switch to match optimum level for microphone or guitar
1/4"" headphone jack (37 mW/channel into 600 , 14 mW/channel into 30 ) with Output Mute button for soloing mix in headphones
3-stage Input Signal LED's for each channel (-30 dB, -12 dB, -6 dB)
32 character back-lit LCD display
2 character LED display with MIDI indicator
Digital 32-step Data Entry Knob
12 buttons (Write/Copy, Cancel/Undo, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Select, Edit/Compare, System/MIDI, Unit A, Unit B, Unit C, Unit D, Config)
Active & Bypassed/Killed status LED's for each Unit
4 LED's to show current Input Configuration type (1, 2, 3, or 4 Source)
Power Switch

Rear Panel Connections 1/4"" balanced (TRS) phone jack connectors:
4 Inputs (can be grouped as 2 mono/stereo pairs)
4 ground compensated Outputs (can be grouped as 2 mono/stereo pairs)
Control Voltage Pedal input (allows modulation from external sources, such as the CVP-1 pedal)
2 Dual Foot switch inputs (for use with SW-10)
+4/-10 dB gain switch
MIDI In/Out/Thru
A/C line connector

MIDI Responds to 6 MIDI channels at the same time
Each Unit can be assigned its own MIDI channel for receiving program changes, Bypass Kill status changes, MIDI volume control
A separate MIDI channel can be assigned for receiving effect modulation/controller messages
A separate channel can be assigned to receive Config Preset program changes
Separate program change map tables per Unit
Responds to the following MIDI controllers (for effect parameter modulation or Bypass/Kill status changes):
Controllers #000 - #127
Pitch bend wheel
Note number
Pressure (channel/mono or key/polyphonic)
Control voltage input
Up to 4 Foot switches (2 x SW-10)
Can save/load the following data types via MIDI System Exclusive:
Single Presets
Bank of related Presets (1, 2, 4 Unit or Config)
System global data
All data (all Presets/System global parameters)

Optional Accessories CVP-1 (CV Pedal) for real-time effect parameter modulation SW-10 Dual Foot Switch 2 pedal piano-type for effect bypass, programmable modulation of any effect parameter, Preset up/down, Song up/down, or Song Step up/down.

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