Propellerhead ReBirth

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 Propellerhead ReBirth  Propellerhead Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

The legendary ReBirth classic synth emulator faithfully reproduces the sound of the classic Roland machines TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909. With stunning audio quality and ease of use, ReBirth has become a classic

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The stuff that techno dreams are made of. ReBirth 2.0.1 is nothing short of a stunningly accurate reproduction of the bare essentials of techno music making. Silver boxes, blinking LED's, a myriad of knobs - and a sound like nothing else on this planet.

click for larger view It's a well-known fact that the sounds of the TB-303, the TR-808 and the TR-909 - once combined - form the backbone in every techno musician's arsenal of sonic weaponry. Unfortunately, owning any of these machines still remains a dream for most of us. They stopped manufacturing those awkward, beautiful, great sounding boxes over fifteen years ago. The handful of these artifacts still in existence are collector's items and would cost you an arm and a leg.

Introduction - What is this thing?

ReBirth 2.0.1 is the software reincarnation of two analog bassline synths and two classic drum machines. We've also thrown in a digital delay, a quad-input distortion unit, a compressor and an analog filter emulation unit, the PCF (Pattern Controlled Filter). All the quirks and subtle qualities of analog, combined with the convenience of modern computers (a minimum of cables, integration with your sequencer software, complete front panel automation, real-time audio streaming and much more).

Does all this sound like a miracle? Here's how we did it: Instead of sampling the sound, we "sampled" the actual synth hardware. It was a question of analyzing the mysterious inner workings of the analog design, and then creating at mathematical model of it, incorporating practically every nuance. Then we converted this theoretical model into lightning fast computer code. So fast that it runs on the computer you already have. No customized cards, DSP chips or other expensive accessories are required.

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