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Bomb Factory moogerfooger Bundle 3.0

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 Bomb Factory moogerfooger Bundle 3.0  Bomb Factory Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

Co-developed and hand-tested by Dr. Bob Moog, authentic Moogerfoogers combine the best features of audio effects and vintage synth modules.

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Moogerfooger effects open new frontiers for sonic exploration--and all feature classic MOOG® sound.

The moogerfoogerTM Ring Modulator provides a wide-range carrier oscillator and dual sine/square waveform LFO. Add motion to rhythm tracks and achieve radical lo-fidelity textures--you set the limits!

The moogerfoogerTM 12-Stage Phaser combines a switchable 6- or 12-stage phaser with a wide-ranging variable LFO. Start with subtle tremolo or radical modulation effects, then crank the distortion and resonant filters for unbelievable new tones.

The moogerfoogerTM Lowpass Filter features a 2-pole/4-pole variable resonance filter with envelope follower. Use it to achieve classic '60s and '70s sounds on bass and electric guitar, or dial in warm, fat analog resonance on any instrument.

The moogerfoogerTM Analog Delay is simply the coolest (and warmest sounding!) delay in the digital domain. Due to component shortages, fewer than 1,000 "real world" units will be made. Bomb Factory snagged serial #1 and meticulously modeled every detail of Dr. Moog's classic analog design. Wait until you hear it!

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