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 Liontracks Mediastation X-76
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 Liontracks Available from 06/01/2004 until 11/30/1999

Two years of hardware and software research and development has produced a workstation that is designed to be all things for all people. Solutions include studio production, live performance, dj, karaoke, and other. The hard disc based system includes a midi arranger and player, style arranger and player, digital audio workstation, sampling and video streaming and conferencing.

Extended information

The Mediastation X-76 was designed to offer hardware controls for every important function. It offers two wheels, ten sliders, a jogwheel, and 176 buttons with backlight. Additionaly two mounted lamps are provided. It features Linux, an open source operating system which provides very low latency and exceptional stability. This makes it perfectly suitable for live performances.

A high-resolution color monitor is provided to give perfect feedback for the user. However for software which requires higher screen resolutions, outputs are provided for both a monitor or a TV, which allows to turn the Mediastation into a complete integrated studio. Both solutions allow to playback video which is suitable for movie scoring. Additionally it's possible to use both internal and external monitor at the same time, in an independent manner.

The software of Mediastation X-76 is built upon the open source philosophy. The Mediastation X-76 is running the premiere open source operating system, Linux. Almost all software will be available as open source, which means that source code will be provided so users can eventually become developers.

The Mediastation X-76 is fairly modular and is built around the x86 architecture, which allows to keep it up-to-date even after a few years. Together with the open source model, it offers unlimited tweak possibilities for its users. Lionstracs will offer hardware upgrades for its customers.

A unique x86 cpu and dsp processor combination makes the Mediastation X-76 a true powermachine. 2Ghz or 3GHz speeds are available for the central processing unit. The Mediastation X-76 has 256 polyphonic voices on two DSP cards which can be expanded to four DSP cards for a total of 512 voices. Each DSP processor has access to dedicated 256Mb memory.

The Mediastation offers a harddrive with huge capacity for storage purposes. This lets the user store and use massive amount of his favourite audio files without worrying about insufficient space. A cd burner allows to master and burn audio projects. The professional edition includes a dvd burner which allows to backup multitrack audio projects.

The Mediastation X-76 offers a total of 24 inputs and outputs available in jack and XLR format. It comes with a unique software driven matrix mixer, which allows arbitrary input and output combinations.

Last but not least the Mediastation X-76 and other Lionstracs products come with an extensive customer care program. This includes full product servicing and hardware upgrades. We will provide free internet based software updates for all of our products. Forums guided by our staff are available for continuous customer feedback. Customers will be able to participate on software development due to nature of the open source model

Technical specifications

1 16 pattern arranger: 4 Intro, 4 Endind, 4 variation, 4 Fills
2 16 MIDI channel for each pattern ( 16 parts and not 8 like al the keyboards)
3 16 Realtime Volume: Drums, Bass, Chord 1 to Chord 14, with slider C1-to C8, Bank A/B
4 16 realtime MUTE traks, with Duble Color LED, RED=OFF, GREEN=ON, Key C1 to C8, Bank A/B
5 16 realtime Drums MUTE Variation, is possible turn ON/OFF 16 drums instruments from note range C-2 to C6
6 16 realtime SOLO Tracks Function
7 Key start – ability to start play on keypress
8 Key stop – ability to stop play on keyup
9 One Key – Play chords with one finger [major/minor]
10 Key Hold - Holds chords until next change
11 Beat Change (Live mode/ next quarter note / next pattern )
12 Jump – Auto jump to next pattern
13 Break – Restart Style
14 KeyPad Intro/Ending/Fill/Variation – Set what is playing next relative
to Beat Change
15 Midi In Chord translation – Select Proper Tracks (Major, Minor, 7th, 7thdim)
16 Realtime Trasnpose of Midi (not CH10)
17 Realtime Tempo Change
18 Crossfade from one Style to the another, 16+16 MIDI chanel used to 2 MIDI OUT Indipendent

Editing Styles:

1 Full edit MIDI event list parameters
2 Piano Roll function
3 Full MIDI patchbay matrix to 14 MIDI OUT, indipendent for each PATTERN!
4 32 insert AUDIO.Wav in each Styles
5 Audio Pitch shift mode: change the pitch and the Tempo
6 Audio Scretching mode: change the pitch but NOT the Tempo


1 Remote Midi Control Setup under ALSA DEVICE
2 Loading of Next Styles in Play Mode in LESS than 1 sec!
3 Import Styles from MIDI file
4 Improt Automatic style Styles from EMC Style converter
5 performance mode: link the style, the keyboard sound, the pitch, the transpose, the tempo...
6 Unlimited styles files under Disk browse
7 Unlimited performance styles user linked in the Silicon keys+LED
8 Unlimited performance bank: 1 Bank=10 SUB Bank, 1 sub Bank=12 presets
9 Automatic FREE download NEW styles by Internet in LIONSTRACS Server!

AMD Athlon 2200+, 1.67GHz, 266MHz bus
512Mb RAM, expandable to 3Gb
M-ATX mainboard, 266Mhz system bus, 5 PCI expansion slots
ultra DMA 66/100 80Gb IDE hard disk, 100Mhz bus, CD-RW and DVD reader combo, 1.44Mb floppy drive
AGP-4 graphics card
76 key weighted keyboard with modulation and pitch wheels
256 voice polyphonic DSP
two 128 voice Wavetable sound modules with pitch shift and time stretch
128Mb RAM on each DSP module, expandable to 256Mb for each module
24 Audio Matrix Mixer I/O routing.
12 Stereo I/O external jacks, 12 internal stereo I/O channels
24bit D/A conversion
176 double color LED buttons, eight mix faders, two master faders
data wheel, data slider, cursor buttons
8.2" LCD, 640X480 pixel, 64.000 colors, external SVGA 1024X768, TV SVHS out
4 USB2.0 ports, LAN 10/100, 2 PS/2 serial ports; mouse and keyboard, COM1, COM2, game, parallel port, VGA out, S/VHS out, 4 MIDI out
four programmable footswitch jacks, sustain pedal
MIDI in X 2, MIDI out X 4, total internal/external 20 MIDI out.
audio I/O; 12 stereo analog I/O jacks, four bus matrix with programmable IN/OUT routing, four microphones, two mono cue and mix outputs, two XLR main mix outputs, two XLR monitor outputs
1/4 head phone jack
two lamps with dimmer functions (Optional)
internal standard power switching ATX, 350W, 220/110V
dimension and weight, 1170(W) 430(D) 127(H)mm, 29Kg

Red Hat Linux, KDE 3.1 window manager
Mozilla web browser, Kmail, Kwrite, CD authoring
Audio and MIDI sequencer, realtime midiplayer, MP3, MP4, DVD, DIVX, MPG, WAV, AVI, CD audio player
SEQ24 midi sequencer--customized for the Mediastation
style player, automatic import with EMC style converter
software upgrades and new applications available at no additional cost by internet download

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