Evolution X-Session UC-17

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 Evolution X-Session UC-17
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 Evolution Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

Cut and scratch on your PC or Mac with the world's first USB DJ mixer and software solution

Extended information

Take your DJing forward into the digital world with the complete computer based DJ solution which includes the X-Session USB DJ mixer, Ableton Live XS digital audio workstation and Arturia Storm XS virtual studio.

Designed for the new breed of DJ to mix on PC or Mac. X-Session has a classic full-size crossfader for cutting and scratching, 16 assignable rotary controllers for pitch-shifting, tweaking Delay/EQ/Filter/Distortion/Flange, 10 assignable buttons for triggering loops, grooves, digital effects and killing tracks plus stacks more cutting-edge features which will take your DJing into the future.

This USB controller also provides finger-tip control for a whole host of popular software plug-ins and virtual instruments, eliminating the frustrations of trying to use a mouse. Fast and precise control is provided by the 16 fully assignable high resolution controllers. Each of these controllers can be assigned to a different MIDI channel which means that multiple plug-ins can be controlled on separate channels. Synths and modules can also be controlled via the standard MIDI Out socket. X-Session has 10 memory locations for storing your settings. These are non-volatile too, so everything is saved even when the unit is powered off.

Scratch and mix using the full-size crossfader
Trigger loops and digital effects with 10 assignable buttons
Tweak Delay/EQ/Filter/Distortion/Flanger and pitch-shift using 16 assignable rotary controllers
Perfect for real-time control of software plug-ins and virtual instruments
Kill tracks then slam them back in at the touch of a button with the unique controller mute function which allows you to
mute the output of all controllers, position them to the new value you want, then slam them back into the mix.
Independent channel assign for each controller
Provides USB to MIDI interface with standard MIDI OUT socket
USB Class compliant (USB cable plus PC and Mac drivers included)
No drivers required in Windows XP or Mac OSX
For use with PC, Mac or other MIDI hardware
10 memory locations for storing your settings
PC librarian software included

Technical specifications

PC/Mac or MIDI hardware with USB or MIDI In.
Software Requirements:
Pentium II 400MHz 128Mb RAM,
USB socket,
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,
soundcard compatible with DirectX,
Sound Manager,
CoreAudio or MME.
iMac, Power Mac G3 or better with USB running OS9/OSX.
Arturia Storm XS, OSX only.
X-Session powered by USB (cable included) or 9V DC, 250-300mA centre positive adaptor (not included).

Dimensions (cm):
29 x 13 x 5

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