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Roland JP 8000

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 Roland JP 8000
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 Roland Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

The JP-8000 Music Synthesizer has been designed using a first-of-its-kind Roland Analog modeling sound source, combining the fat, powerful sounds associated with vintage analog synths with the flexibility of digital technology and MIDI.

Extended information

Incorporates Roland Analog modeling technology for fat, powerful analog-type sounds and tonal variations
DSP oscillator with 7 distinct algorithms: Saw, Square, Triangle (PWM), Super Saw (7 detuned Saws), Noise, Triangle Mod, and Feedback
38 front-panel knobs and sliders for unprecedented realtime control and manipulation; 49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
"Analog" synth functions like oscillator sync, ring modulation, cross modulation and -12/-24 dB filtering
Assignable ribbon controller with powerful pitch bend/modulation lever
Programmable realtime phrase sequencing (RPS)
Onboard digital delay and chorus effects as well as tone controls

Technical specifications

Synthesizer Section:

Parts-2 (Upper/Lower)
Max. polyphony-8 voices
Waveforms-Super Saw, Triangle Mod, Noise, Feedback OSC, Square(PWM), Saw, Triangle
Effects-Tone Control, Chorus(12 types), Delay(5 types)
Internal Memory-Patches User=128, Preset=128; Performances User=64, Preset=64
Controllers-Ribbon controller, Pitch bend/Modulation lever, Expression pedal, Hold pedal

Arpeggiator/RPS Section:

Arpeggio Modes-Up, Down, Up & Down, Random
Internal Memory-Patterns=48, Maximum loop length (measures)=4
Resolution-24 ticks per quarter note
Recording Method-Realtime, Quantize
Tempo-20 to 250

Motion Control Section:

Internal Memory-Motions=4,
Maximum loop length (measures)=8
Recording Method-Realtime,Quantize
Tempo-20 to 250


Keyboard-49 Keys (with velocity)
Display-16-character, 2-line backlit LCD
Connectors-MIDI (IN, OUT), Outputs(L/MONO, R), Control pedal, Hold pedal, Headphone

Power Supply-AC 117V/230V/240V
Power Consumption-24W(AC117V)/ 28W(AC230V)/ 20W(AC240V)
Dimensions-925 (W) x 349 (D) x 113 (H) mm /
36-7/16 x 13-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches
Weight-7.9 Kg / 17 lb. 7 oz.

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User studios containing Roland JP 8000

Comments from User studios

  • Roland's first VA synth. Great sound and a breeze to create your own sounds. Most of the time just plain fun to toy with. (Children of Jupiter studio)
  • My 3rd proudness. The JP-8000 may be old, but I'm still fallen in true love with its Supersaws and the two-part multitimbrality that boosts the sound a huge notch while keeping a whopping, true 4 note polyphony :) Takes a little knowing to put it to good use, but it sure pays off. Just a simple jam is fun enough! Touch two parameters from the initial settings and you have your trance patch right there to play with :) BUT! How the hell do you turn off that insane MIDI Soft Thru?? It completely kills/crashes the two-way MIDI performances! It's still a damn cool synth =) (CyberKenny Home Studio studio)
  • my first virtual analogue synth... and my second synth in absolute (my first one was a Roland XP-80). I don't use this often nowadays, but I'm still proud of owning it... and it's still unique for many sounds it can create (sssupersaw?!) (Cyberleaf Studio studio)
  • My first real synth. Has taught me tons about synthesis very quickly due to the large number of ready controls on the face of it. Touch something, something changes. Doesn't get much simpler than that, right? Sounds great too, haven't really been able to find myself in need of something it couldn't do (yet). (The Hermit\'s Den studio)

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