Faderfox micromodul LV1

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 Faderfox micromodul LV1
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 Faderfox Available from 11/30/1999 until 01/01/2006

micromodul LV1 is a pocket-size, custom-made controller for Ableton Live, one of the most creative music programs in recent history. Many different control elements are integrated into this controller. This combination is the real strength of the LV1. This inexpensive controller unifies track-fader, pots, buttons, joystick, encoder, and cross-fader in a very compact form. As of Live version 2.0, you can use the LV1 immediately by using the settings file which is shipped with the controller - without the lengthy process of programming each separate control element. Start the fun with modern sequencing.

Extended information

The LV1 can also be used with other programs. It is suited well for software sequencers due to its architecture/layout. You can not program the LV1 or assign controller numbers or key numbers, but that is a function that is rarely needed with current programs.

The LV1 is very compact and easy to transport, and you do not even need the mains adapter, it works with standard and rechargeable batteries.

Technical specifications

Special controller for sequencer software (optimised for Ableton Live)
Setup files for Ableton Live as of version 2.0 are shipped with the controller
Independent of operating system and computer type (PC or Mac) due to the midi interface
8 track faders - switchable between 2 fader groups (1-8, 9-16)
4 pots to control track-dependent and track-independent parameters (total of 152 parameters)
Multifunctional encoder to select tracks and clips as well as a button-function for starting clips/scenes
Joystick to control track-dependent and track-independent parameters (total of 76 parameters)
Cross-fader and separate pot for the master level
8 track control buttons with 4 different modes (mute group, solo group, track control, slot/scene) + double function which
an be freely assigned . Double function accessible by holding the SHIFT button and pressing the appropriate control button
Fadermute for all controls by holding down the instrument's SHIFT button
Standard or rechargeable batteries (4 x micro cell (AAA) batteries are shipped with the LV1)
LED battery control
Socket for an external mains adapter (9-12V DC - min. 50 mA)
Midi-merge function
Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 410 g)
Black aluminium front plate with anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and inscriptions
32 LED's to display various information (track select, fader group, key mode, etc,...)
High-quality faders, pots, joystick, and encoder from ALPS
Expandable system by other micromodul controllers or by another LV1

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