M-Audio Trigger Finger

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 M-Audio Trigger Finger
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 M-Audio Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

M-audio presents Trigger Finger, a USB surface controller with 16 touch sensitive pads, 8 rotary buttons, and 4 cursors which can be assigned with any parameter such as volume, panoramic, pitch, effects etc.

Extended information

Trigger Finger puts the power to program and perform expressive percussion and drum parts at your fingertips. Its 16 velocity-sensitive pads are perfect for playing the drum sounds in your favorite software, launching loops and samples, or even controlling video projections—and applying pressure to the pads can generate any MIDI controller you wish.

Trigger Finger also gives you 8 knobs and 4 faders that are freely assignable to MIDI parameters such as volume, pan, pitch, and effects. Pre-programmed maps for Reason, Live, GM Drum, XG Drum, iDrum, and more make setup a snap—and full programmability lets you customize the unit to fit your needs. Settings are easy to store via 16 presets, and M-Audio’s free Enigma librarian software for PC and Mac lets you create a collection of even more.

A simple USB cable is all it takes to connect and power Trigger Finger with your computer. It’s time to take full control of your drum programming—and Trigger Finger is the right tool for the job.

You’re in Control
Trigger Finger is designed to put you in full command of your drum programming sessions. 16 pads give you immediate access to plenty of drum sounds or other events you wish to trigger. You’ll find the pad size provides just the right balance of compact space and perfect touch. Speaking of perfect touch, Trigger Finger’s pads are both velocity- and pressure-sensitive—and, unlike many control surfaces, you can map the pressure sensitivity to any MIDI parameter you desire for that extra measure of expressive control. Its 8 knobs and 4 faders are also fully assignable to any MIDI parameter you want. With Trigger Finger, you’re in control.

Easy Setup
Getting up and running with Trigger Finger is a total no-brainer. The unit is bus-powered, so a simple USB connection to your computer handles it all. Class-compliancy with Windows XP and Mac OS X means there are no drivers to install. You also get pre-programmed maps for Live, Reason, GM Drum, XG Drum, iDrum, and more for instant control over most popular software.

Control Anything You Want
While our main focus in designing Trigger Finger was drum programming, full programmability means that you can use it to control any MIDI devices you wish. Launch Clips or Scenes in Ableton Live, trigger video clips in VJ software, or fire off samples in your favorite DJ software—or anything else you can think of. There’s even a MIDI Out jack that let’s you connect external MIDI gear.

On-Board Memory, Online Storage
What’s programmability without storage ability? Trigger Finger features 16 presets for storing your setups right on board. Your purchase also gets you a free copy of M-Audio’s Enigma librarian software for PC and Mac for virtually unlimited storage that works with your other M-Audio and Evolution gear as well.

Technical specifications

16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads
8 assignable knobs
4 assignable faders
pre-programmed maps for Live, Reason, GM Drum, XG Drum, and iDrum
velocity control including locked velocity mode
program/bank change capability
powered via USB connection or optional DC power supply
16 MIDI presets
programmable with free Enigma editor/librarian software
3-digit LED display
class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X
includes free Ableton Live Lite 4 software and demo songs
included on bundled CDs

Ableton Live Lite 4 CD
MIDI Controller Driver CD w/ Ableton and Enigma editor/librarian

System Requirements
Windows XP with available USB port
MME and DirectX are supported.

OS X 10.2.8 with available USB port
Core MIDI is supported

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