Elemental Audio Systems Inspector XL

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 Elemental Audio Systems Inspector XL
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 Elemental Audio Systems Available from 11/30/1999 until 11/30/1999

The InspectorXL analysis plug-in suite - A new approach to analysis. InspectorXL (a.k.a. IXL) was designed to address the most common analysis tasks with professionalism, style, and finesse. Available as a series of "modules," InspectorXL includes six (6) individual, thoughtfully designed plug-ins for: FFT, spectragram and Third Octave spectral analysis, custom and standard level metering, phase and correlation, balance, stereo image, and statistical clipping and over analysis. From top to bottom, InspectorXL provides a comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use approach to your daily analysis tasks.

Extended information

Choices, choices, and more choices - If you like choices (and who doesn't?), InspectorXL gives you plenty. Each InspectorXL module offers a plethora of choices from color to configuration. Utilize the integrated, easy-to-use Color Picker to customize the color of your spectral analysis, phase scope, or level meter data. Choose from FFT, spectragram, or ISO Third Octave spectral analysis as your needs dictate. Display the spectral data you need: Peak, Peak Hold, Average (or any combination) and choose which type acts as your primary Third Octave analysis data type. View phase in traditional XY or Vector modes or utilize Elemental Audio's intuitive Polar mode - each individually configurable, of course. Use standard meters if you desire or stretch out and customize your own: integrated or separate peak/RMS, customizable caution and warning zones, and selectable primary meter type (peak/RMS) are just a few of the options available to you.

InspectorXL isn't just a pretty face - it was designed with the features you need to make everyday use a pleasure. Integrated Save and Load mean you can save task-specific analysis settings for future reference as needed. InspectorXL's innovative "import" allows you to extract color settings, saved spectral snapshots, and other selected data from a saved settings file without over-writing all of your current settings. And if you're familiar with our concept of alarms, you'll appreciate InspectorXL's approach. Extensive alarm functionality includes alarms for correlation and max band level to over and clipping statistics. InspectorXL even allows you to define a clip in your own terms for statistical analysis relevant to your material. Alarm groups and alarm severities allow you to further customize your alarm behavior. InspectorXL has so much to offer; see the full feature list for details.

Technical specifications

• FFT Analyzer
• Spectragram
• Third Octave Analyzer
• Lissajou/XY, Vector, and Polar Phase Scope
• K-System Meter
• Digital PPM Meter
• Custom Metering
• Vertical and Horizontal Level Meters
• Stereo Image (Mid-Side) Meters
• Balance Meter
• Correlation Meter
• Comprehensive Alarms
• Integrated Color Picker
• Completely Customizable

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