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Audient Black Comp

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 Audient Black Comp
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 Audient Available from 11/01/2006 until 11/30/1999

The Black Comp is a Class A, transformer balanced optical compressor/ limiter featuring switched attack and release times as well an auto release mode.

Extended information

The auto release switches in a dual time constant circuit with the release time profile determined by the amount and repetition rate of compression. The module features two class audient circuits, Overcomp and Smooth.

The Overcomp function introduces an additional Fet based compression stage that allows a large amount of pre-compression to be added to the signal, with some stunning results possible on percussive signals where an increase in the “energy” of the signal is desired.

The Smooth function switches the side chain characteristic into a dual mode where a relatively slow RMS sensing circuit allows a gentle levelling of the signal while a peak sensing stage pulls down any peaks that pass through.

This results in a super smooth compression that suits single signal sources as well as mixed program material. Gain reduction or output level can be monitored via the VU meter at the top of the module and a link mode allows 2 or more Black Comp modules to form a stereo or multi channel compressor/ limiter.

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