Solid State Logic X-Comp

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 Solid State Logic X-Comp
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 Solid State Logic Available from 12/19/2007 until 11/30/1999

X-Comp is a sophisticated and extremely versatile stereo compressor that cuts through the mass of freeware and bundled plug-ins available with genuinely professional features, results and interface.

Extended information

The audio performance, specifications, analysis tools and depth of control offered by X-Comp are exemplary. It delivers mastering grade audio fidelity with a distinctly analogue feel and can be used for everything from ‘invisible’ subtle dynamic control for mastering, to dramatic ‘brick wall’ effects that inject raw energy and power that competes with the legendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor. Between these two extremes X-Comp can reproduce the characteristics of a wide range of modern and classic vintage compressors. In X-Comp we haven’t just modeled a particular compressor, but have provided a set of features and controls that allow the emulation of a broad range of compressor designs.

Technical specifications

* Exceptional versatility; from mastering grade transparent compressor to incredible brick wall gain reduction
* Advanced graphic knee control with 0 to 40dB range and proportional response characteristic
* Dual symmetrical knee design allows detailed shaping of the compression characteristic
* Max Gain Reduction control sets the maximum reduction between 20 and 60dB
* Advanced side chain architecture using 1st order filters delivers user-friendly Frequency Dependant Parallel Compression
* Amplitude Histogram display provides advanced real time pre/post signal analysis
* Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic, mouse wheel and numeric editing
* Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display
* A/B facility for instant comparison of two different Compression set ups
* MIDI control capability for all parameters
* Global soft latency free bypass

X-Comp is an optional plug-in for Duende. Please be aware that X-Comp requires Duende in order to run. The plug-in will only install and run on Duende Hardware.

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