Roland PMA-5

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 Roland PMA-5  Roland Available from 03/24/1996 until 11/30/1999

The perfect compositional or backing tool for anyone, the new PMA-5 is a completely new concept in personal backing machines.

Extended information

The palm-held, electronic organizer style PMA-5 includes a high quality 306 tone GM/GS sound source, an eight-track sequencer and a powerful intelligent arranger with 600 patterns and variations. A custom LCD touch-panel (touch pen or finger) user interface makes operation simple and intuitive.

The integrated sequencer and intelligent arranger offer four melody tracks and four backing tracks. Music data can be entered in realtime or with step recording. A large memory affords instant recall of up to 20 songs (approximately 21,000 notes). The sophisticated intelligent arranger functions are newly created to emulate many of today's hit songs and musical genres. There are 100 preset Music Styles, including intros and endings, and user patterns can be created and stored as well.

The PMA-5 can connect directly to Macintosh or IBM compatible computers using the serial computer port. Once connected, song and pattern data can be exchange between the PMA-5 and the computer. Data created on the PMA-5 can be edited more precisely by downloading it into a computer with a software-based sequencer. Also, sequences created on the computer can be loaded for playback from the PMA-5. This is perfect for live gigging. Standard MIDI File (SMF) song data can also be imported to the PMA-5.

Drawing from the extensive Roland sound library, the PMA-5 sound source offers 306 instruments and 16 drum sets which are GM/GS compatible. Powerful onboard effects include eight types of digital reverb and chorus. By connecting an external sequencer or MIDI keyboard, the PMA-5 can function as a compact 16-part multitimbral GM/GS sound module.

The compact size of the PMA-5 means you can create music wherever and whenever you want. It is completely portable and can operate for about five hours using six AA batteries. An AC adaptor can also be used. An "organizer" type cover protects the touch-panel and a built-in headphone jack affords easy monitoring, no matter where you are. With batteries it still weighs only one pound, six ounces.

* Touch-panel interface offers simple, intuitive and unique operation
* 306 GM/GS instrument sounds; 16 drum sets
* Eight-track sequencer (Four melody tracks and four backing tracks); Roland's intelligent arranger with 100 Music Styles
* Built-in serial computer port for communication with any computer
* 20 song memory; store and recall user patterns
* Headphone jack for private monitoring; battery or AC operable
* Import and playback Standard MIDI File (SMF) song data using the optional PC Communication Kit

Technical specifications

* Type: Workstation/ module/
* Synthesis Type: Digital Accoustic simulation
* Polyphony:
o Max: 28
o Typical in use: 20
* Multi-timbral (number of parts): 16
* Controllers : 1
* Effects :
o Number of FX units : 2
o Number of different effects : 7
* Drum Section :
o Number of Drum Kits : 16
o Number of Drum sounds : goodamount
* Keyboard :
o Number of Keys : 0
o Can send on 1 simultaneous MIDI channels
o Responds to : velocity, after-touch
o Sounds can be split by :
* Memory :
o Patches : 306
o Performances : 0
* Inputs and Outputs :
o Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 1
o Number of Audio Ins : 0
o Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
o Number of MIDI Ins : 1

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