New OS for Moog Little Fatty Tribute edition

Rewarding early buyers of the Little Phatty, Moog announced a major operating software enhancement for Tribute owners. The new OS carries an impressive list of new features, bringing the Tribute up to pace with the latest Stage Edition.

New features in the operating software include:
* Modulation bus enhancement includes new sources for noise and sample & hold
* Front Panel control knobs are assignable to any internal or external control destination (e.g. assign the Modulation knob to Filter Resonance)
* EGR Reset—resets the envelope at every new note creating a new, uniquely Moog, expressive response
* Auto-Tune holds the Little Phatty to concert pitch or a user selectable setting. Auto-Tune can be enabled automatically at power-up and accurately tunes the instrument in seconds
* Auto-Calibration—should your Little Phatty ever fall completely out of tune, the auto-calibration function re-calibrates your Phatty without internal adjustments or the need for a service technician
* A new calibration patch with ideal reference frequencies for the Auto-Calibration function is also the perfect starting place to create your own unique patch
* Several sound sculpting tools move from Global Settings to a new Advanced Preset menu and are assignable at the individual preset level:
o Asymmetrical pitch bend (+/- 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12 semitones)
o Number of filter poles (1 to 4)
o Legato mode (on, off, reset)
o Filter sensitivity to keyboard velocity (+/- 8)
o MOD5 source (filter EGR or sample & hold)
o MOD6 source (OSC2 or noise)
o Arbitrary pot mapping
* Master menu completely re-tooled for easy access to all new features

Tribute owners can register online at The software is available for download from the Little Phatty Tribute Edition landing page and can be loaded onto the instrument through a MIDI interface. Tribute owners who register their Phatty by March 31, 2007 will receive a 20-page user manual addendum free of charge.

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