Softube updates MAC Versions of their plug-ins

Softube has released several updates to fix Pro Tools 8 problems.

The Mac versions of the following plug-ins have been updated to fix graphics bugs when they are used with Pro Tools 8:
– Acoustic Feedback (RTAS)
– Acoustic Feedback Deluxe (TDM)
– Metal Amp Room (RTAS)
– Spring Reverb (RTAS)
– Tube Delay (RTAS)
– Vintage Amp Room (RTAS)
– Vintage Amp Room (TDM/RTAS)

Please note that a first set of updates (released on Jan 6) contained other bugs in some plug-ins. This was corrected in a second round of updates (released on Jan 7). Also note that none of these bugs affect FET Compressor.

Download the new versions

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