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It doesn’t matter if you produce at a homestudio or a Pro one, the bottom line is that we’re talking about YOUR ohm studio, the place where your imagination just flows and your sonic creations see the daylight/moonlight for the first time. But how do you use the Ohm Force plugins? How do they help you to give your personal touch to your audio tracks? What Ohm tricks and threats have you already learnt and/or created, from the most known and used to the secret techniques you keep for the *right* moments? In this contest you’ll be able to share your ohm studio techniques with all the ohmfriends around the world. And maybe get a huge prize kit in reward (see full prize list below).

There is not an approach requirement: it could be the traditional ‘video tutorial’ format, a ‘hands on’ overview, or even just you (or you and your band, partners, friends) showing how do you use the Ohm Force plugins in your music, in real life (an example). The more real, useful and interesting, the better; so the more will be your chances to put your hands in one of those cool prize kits. We want to see you working on your ohm studio, show it for us !

Want a good reason to already start thinking on a scenery for your nice video? There is a instant-prize : all accepted submissions already win 1 Ohm Force plugin of choice, for free, no strings attached. So you see it’s not about winners and losers, it’s about having some fun with what we all love: make music!

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