Meet the Team

Eric Thoolen
Founder - Design - Editor
Eric was the creative mind behind Gearjunkies. He was responsible for all of the design, the logo's and he was a fanatic blogger too. On Wednesday June 11th 2014, Eric passed away at the age of 46 as a result of a cardiac arrest. We miss you, day by day, and will treasure your memory always…
Marc van Den Hurk
Founder - Press relations - Editor
Marc van den Hurk is a true gear junkie. He owns his own studio for dance music productions, sound design, mixing and mastering. He is also a beta tester for Rob Papen and Steinberg software. He teaches at his own school for music producers and DJ’s as he’s a certified Steinberg trainer.
Marc Dobrinic
Founder - Marketing - IT & Website Development
Mark Dobrinic is a technologist who specializes in User Centric Identity Management. As the lead of the Open Source Asimba project, he has vast experience with implementing different protocols, like SAML2 as well as OAuth. His role also takes him into managing the platform used for serving a large Identity Federation for Education in the Netherlands. Mark is also following developments in the Internet Identity community and takes an active part in realizing the User Managed Access specification.
Rob Fabrie
Review Blogger
Rob Fabrie has been a DJ since 1985 and a producer since 1989. Rob started his career in a group called Holy Noise, who had hits in the early 90s. Later, he started his own record label called Waxweazle Vinyl at ID&T, mostly for hardcore and happy hardcore. After that, a new project called Headbanger was created and five albums would follow. He also operates in various other styles, like EDM, Trance, Techno and Commercial dance. A few years ago, Ferry Corsten and Rob produced a track called Blacklight. Also, Jelle Hage and Rob produce Jacob van Hage EDM tracks. He also works as sound designer for Rob Papen. Rob is available for Ghost productions and mastering duties and last (but not least), he's a proud member of the Gearjunkies family.
Stefan Robbers
Blogger / Reviewer
Stefan Robbers has earned considerable respect, both in the Netherlands and abroad, as one of the most versatile and productive musicians in the field of electronic dance music. His project Acid Junkies has released 5 albums and many singles (Djax-up-beats) and Stefan performs at parties and festivals all over the world. In addition, he’s been responsible for dozens of releases, evenly spread over a number of musical alter egos. His techno productions appeared under the names REC (Djax-upbeats) and Con Man (P.i.a.s.), while more melodic techno music was released under the aliases Terrace (Djax, Eevo Lute) and Florence. He also records experimental music under the name Sierra Romeo.
Wouter Veltmaat
Blogger - Editor
Tech geek since he discovered the midi interface on the Atari ST and started collecting synthesizers. Deeply in love with analog/digital hybrid synths and high-end FX units. He became semi-professional mixing and mastering engineer at 2001 and worked on several international and national commercial releases. Gives workshops audio mixing and mastering in order to try to demystify the craft of audio mastering.
Jurriaan Knol
Blogger / Reviewer
Jurriaan Knol has had a bit of an obsessive relationship with all things electronic since he was a toddler and started experimenting with sound and graphics when he got his first Commodore 64 at the age of 10. While producing games for a living, his love for computer-, music- and photography gear has been a constant and steady background noise that lead him to many interesting places and contributing to various media projects. Coming from a computer background, he can be as excited about a great new plugin as a shiny new hardware toy and won’t rest until he has dug his way right down to the bottom and squeezed the most freaky and spacey sounds possible from it.