Introducing the Asparion D700 DAW Controller

The Asparion D700 DAW controller revolutionizes music production with its versatile user interface and cutting-edge features. Designed for maximum productivity, it seamlessly adapts to your unique needs. The controller boasts up to 64 motorized faders, an array of LED push buttons, and RGB rotary encoders, unleashing limitless creative possibilities. With support for various connection options like Midi, OSC, and MQTT, it grants you control over everything from DAW programs and lighting software to music players and smart home systems.

Compact and Sturdy Design

The D700’s sleek design, with a mere 265mm depth, fits effortlessly on any desk. Its low 36mm construction height exudes timeless elegance, blending harmoniously into any environment. The aluminum chassis, featuring an anodized laser printed surface, not only exudes sophistication but also ensures unrivaled durability. With a multitude of LEDs and translucent push button caps, you have a clear view from every perspective, further enhanced by the mesmerizing RGB encoders’ light spectacle.

D700FT: Foundation of Control

At the core of the D700 series lies the D700FT. Beyond standard functions like “play,” “stop,” and “record,” the RGB encoder allows easy master volume control. The Pan, EQ, Send, and FX buttons assign respective functions to the rotary encoders, granting you control over numerous parameters. Moreover, the available sockets to connect sustain or expression pedals enable hands-free operation. Expandable up to 7 extensions, the D700FT supports up to 64 faders simultaneously.

D700F: Audio Track Mastery

The D700F combines 8 highly precise motorized faders, each complemented by 4 LED push buttons and an RGB rotary encoder with an LED ring. Experience complete audio track control with the touch-sensitive metalized surface facilitating seamless automation. The faders’ remarkable accuracy, boasting up to 4000 levels each, ensures precise manipulation. Minimal fader noise guarantees an undistracted focus. The colorization of RGB encoders makes audio channel identification a breeze.

D700S: Enhanced Visibility

For optimal track monitoring under all lighting conditions, the D700 can be expanded with an OLED display. Featuring organic light diodes, this display ensures readability from all angles, even in darkness or direct sunlight. Boasting a resolution of 1024×64 pixels and a high refresh rate, it optimizes workflow and professional-grade performance. The display showcases 3 lines of text, up to 12 characters each, and offers a metering view with clipping information.

Asparion Configurator Software

Personalize your D700 down to the smallest detail through the comprehensive “Asparion Configurator” software. Tailor the controller to your precise preferences without limitations.

Extensive Connection Options

Connected via USB-C, the D700 communicates Midi messages to a wide range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. It supports universal Midi CC mode, Mackie, and HUI protocols, facilitating seamless integration with numerous software applications, such as Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and more. The Asparion Connector expands connection options further, incorporating OSC and MQTT support, enabling control over smart home systems and a diverse range of software.

The Journey Continues

This is just the beginning! Asparion is committed to expanding connection options and embracing customer ideas to enhance your music production experience.


Technical Specifications

– up to 64 faders / 8 extensions

– anodized aluminum chassis, laser printed

– standardized midi protocol, OSC (Open Sound Control), MQTT

– Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS

– 3-year warranty

D700 FT

– 8 endless rotary encoders with snap and RGB led

– 8 LED rings with 15 LEDs each and 128 step mode

– 8 touch-sensitive highly precise 100mm motor faders with a resolution of up to 12bit (4000 steps)

– 44 programmable LED push buttons

– 2x 6.35mm sockets for expression and sustain pedal

– USB C connector

– 265 x 265 x 36mm (chassis)

D700 F

– 8 endless rotary encoders with snap and RGB led

– 8 LED rings with 15 LEDs each and 128 step mode

– 8 touch-sensitive highly precise 100mm motor faders with a resolution of up to 12bit (4000 steps)

– 32 programmable LED push buttons

– 265 x 240 x 36mm (chassis)

D700 S

– OLED display

– 1024×64 pixel

– 3 lines of text with up to 12 characters per track

– Track number display

– Stereo / Mono metering incl. clipping

– 232 x 36 x 6.5mm, 265 x 240 x 63mm (D700F + D700S)


Bundle (D700FT + D700F + 2x D700S) 2799USD

D700FT 1399USD

D700F 1249USD

D700S 179US

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  1. Analogue6

    At these prices, one is better off purchasing a high quality digital mixer than can ostensibly do everything this does, and potentially serve as DAC/ADC.

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