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John Bowen Solaris – Pre-order update

Pre-orders for the remaining units from the first production run are open again! Price for Solaris remains at $3999.00 or 3590 Euros (includes 19% VAT; adjust VAT per your country) in Euros (plus any shipping costs). They have a handful of units left to sell (10 or so), which will ship by end of June.

John Bowen shows us more of the Solaris synth

John Bowen has started his own video channel on Vimeo, where he shows all there is to know on his synthesizer Solaris.

John Bowen Solaris pre-orders available

Announced at the 2007 Frankfurter Messe, John Bowen announced that the first production is now planned for late September 2008, with delivery shortly thereafter. Pre-orders for the second series of production are available now.

John Bowen teams with SonicCore to produce Solaris

John Bowen Synth Design today is introducing the Solaris keyboard synthesizer. Johns many years of sound design and user interface work have culminated in a synthesizer that is unparalleled for its ease of use and sonic quality.