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Audio Kontrol 1 Interface now with Extended Software Bundle

Audio Kontrol 1 is now bundled with an extended software package that includes a pick from the companys range of acclaimed software synthesizers at no further cost. 

Native Instruments introduces new pricing structure

Native Instruments today introduced a new, simplified pricing structure for its software instrument products. The new pricing unifies prices across the diverse NI product range, and makes many of the acclaimed synthesizers and samplers even more affordable.

NI releases PRO-53 3.0.3. including Universal Binary support

Native Instruments today released PRO-53 3.0.3, an update for its renowned virtual analog synthesizer. Introducing Universal Binary support, the new version enables users of Intel based Macintosh computers to utilize the full potential of this faithful emulation of the much famed analog synthesizer from the 80s.

Native Instruments launches user library for Pro-53

Native Instruments launches user library for Pro-53

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce that a User Library for PRO-53 is now online. This convenient database allows registered users to freely exchange their own sound creations for the acclaimed virtual analogue synthesizer on the NI website – similiar to what users of REAKTOR, GUITAR RIG, KONTAKT and ABSYNTH have been enjoying for some time now.

NI releases updates for B4, Pro-53, Guitar Rig & Spektral Delay

Native Instruments recently has released several updates.

B4 v1.1.5 changes:

* AU Validation Hotfix (OSX).

* Various minor issues fixed in the Standalone and plugin versions.

* Total recall behavior improved for the Standalone and plugin versions.

* RTAS redraw problems fixed.

Guitar Rig v1.2 changes:

* Four new Distortion and Fuzz Components: CAT, Demon Distortion, Fuzz Ace and Big Fuzz.

* New Presets in the “- 1.2 Update Bank -“.

* Limiter can be turned off in the Output Component.

* Volume Learn in the Input Component: press “Learn”, play as loud as possible, the input level will be set automatically to the ideal value (takes ca. 5 seconds).

* Reduced time period for switching between presets.

* Gratifier has 20db more gain – this change doesn’t affect existing presets.

* Works as MFX (Music Effect) in Audio Unit Hosts (such as Logic and Digital Performer) – this enables Guitar Rig to receive MIDI as an effect in Audio Units Hosts.

* Various cosmetic changes and minor improvements for the Metronome.

* Controller assignments for the “Mute Sound” button in the Tuner are possible now.

* Now supports Adobe Audition.

Pro-53 v3.0.2 changes:

* Approved host preset handling

* RTAS improvements

* DXi graphic redraw problems solved (Windows).

NI-Spektral Delay v1.5.7 changes:

* LFO reset bug fixed.

* Compatibility with Digital Performer.

* Compatibility with Logic 7.

* DXi and RTAS support (Windows).