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Schaack releases Transient Shaper for Mac VST

Transient Shaper V2.03 (AU/VST Universal Binary for OS X) released. Due to popular demand, Schaack Audio Technologies have decided to release a Mac VST version of Transient Shaper. V2.03 does not add any new features, so Mac AU-only users and Windows VST users may continue to use V2.02.

Schaack releases version 2.0 of their Transient Shaper

Transient Shaper allows shaping the dynamics with 2 knobs only, making it uniquely easy and fast to use, yet its sonic manipulation scape ranges from gate-like to compressor-like. V2.0 features analog saturation, 3 Attack shapes and 3 Release shapes. V1.11 and V2.0 are compatible. V2.0 consumes a bit more CPU than V1.11, so Schaack decided to still let V1.11 online for those who want to continue using V1.11.

Schaack Audio release the Transient Shaper

Schaack Audio Technologies have released Transient Shaper, a new plug-in for shaping dynamics. It is available in Windows VST format with Mac AU format expected shortly.