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Digidesign Announces MassivePack 3 and MassivePack Pro 3

Digidesign announced MassivePack™ 3 — a powerful plug-in bundle that includes some of the most coveted Pro Tools® plug-ins. From now until September 30, 2004, customers who purchase a MassivePack 3 bundle can save over $5,000 on plug-ins from Bomb Factory, Digidesign, Eventide, Line 6, Massenburg DesignWorks, McDSP, Sony, SoundToys, and Trillium Lane Labs. Customers can also save up to nearly $8,000 with the MassivePack Pro™ 3 bundle which includes a Pro Tools|HD® Accel card along with all of the MassivePack 3 plug-ins.