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FabFilter Volcano 2.10 major update available

FabFilter Volcano 2.10 major update available

FabFilter has updated the FabFilter Volcano 2 filter effect plug-in to version 2.10, integrating the new modulation interface design from Twin 2 and Timeless 2, together with a new “wide” user interface layout. The improved interface makes using FabFilter Volcano 2 more pleasurable than ever, while the advanced filter technology inside still ensures unrivalled sound quality and crazy sonic possibilities. Of course, the update is free for existing Volcano 2 users.

FabFilter releases Pro-C 1.11 and Volcano 2.02 updates

FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-C 1.11 and Volcano 2.02. Both plug-ins now work correctly in MOTU Digital Performer 6, and the Audio Unit versions support mono-to-stereo channel configurations. Like Volcano 2, Pro-C now features mouse wheel handling and an improved parameter value display. In addition, Pro-C now supports the new VST 3 format. Finally, both releases include some minor bug fixes and interface rendering improvements. These updates are free for existing FabFilter Pro-C or Volcano 2 users.

FabFilter releases FabFilter Volcano 2

FabFilter has released FabFilter Volcano 2, the successor of the popular Volcano filter effect plug-in. More filters and routings and practically unlimited modulation possibilities make FabFilter Volcano 2 much more powerful. Yet at the same time, the revolutionary new ‘what-you-use-is-what-you-see’ interface makes it also far easier to use.