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Turnlab interview – Aurex and Livid Instruments MIDI-controllers

The guys from Turnlab send us this cool video interview with Aurex. Aurex is a minimal techno, elektro artist from Belgium. His music is influenced by artists such as Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Paul Kalkbrenner, … but the aurex-sound is always there. Aurex performed live sets and dj sets at different festivals and clubs such as Forest Festival, Crammerock, Styletraveller XL, Eargasm and the Bootleg club in Rotterdam. When playing live, aurex is using hardware drumcomputers, samplers and synths. This leaves plenty of room for improvisation and interaction with the crowd so no aurex set sounds the same. Expect tight beats, dark sounds and a great vibe.

Livid Ohm64 Tutorial with Elliot Lipp – Video

Livid’s very own product specialist Mike Abb shot a video recently of DJ/Producer Elliot Lipp explaining how he uses his Ohm64. Elliot’s live performance is centered around his Ohm64 and in this video he lets you in on some of his performance secrets using Ableton Live. After the tutorial there is a section of his live performance from a recent show in Austin, Texas that was filmed at Aces Lounge. What’s particularly cool about the performance video is how he uses the launchpad as a mouse of sorts for his live set.