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Novation news and OS updates for A and K-Station

As evidence of Novation’s continual commitment to improving existing products and supporting customers, multiple updates have been uploaded to the site over the last week. These include learn files for Logic 7 and Cubase SX3, a new OS for the A- and K-Station and an updated ReMOTE Template Editor, MIDI Driver and OS.

The new OS for the A-Station (2.1.02) and K-Station (2.1.01) offers several significant modifications, affecting the sound and operation of the synth. Clicks caused by changing the patch whilst the previous one is still sounding have been addressed and MIDI clock synchronization has been greatly improved. The A/K-Station can now accept very high levels of jitter from the incoming clock and even clean up and retransmit an unstable clock, as well as being able to act as a master MIDI clock. In addition, the A-Station’s arpeggiator can now work identically to the K-Station’s, offering the ability to transmit arpeggiator notes to its MIDI output.

The ReMOTE has had a revamping in several areas, with a new OS and MIDI driver both eliminating minor bugs. Many improvements can be seen in the new Template Editor (1.1), including fixed excessive idle CPU usage and crashing after multiple undo/redo. The memory usage and download size has also been reduced and the MIDI Library and Tooltip behaviour have been expanded and enhanced.

Last but by no means least, in response to floods of requests from Novation customers, new learn files with instructions for Logic 7 and Cubase SX3 and accompanying Templates have been added to the ReMOTE and X-Station Download sections. Simply downloading all learn files using the link and then opening the folder for the relevant software wanting to be controlled will show instructions for how to set up the new Templates and import the relevant learn files. Once done, the ReMOTE/X-Station can be used to control the Transport window, 8 channels of the mixer (volume, pans, mutes etc.), open up the edit matrix, call up certain tools and a host of other useful things.

All of the above can be downloaded from the specific product Download pages in the User area of the site. To make these pages even more user friendly, dates have now been added to all items; Operating Systems, Drivers, Learn files etc.

On other matters, for those wondering about Novation product compatibility with new software, the following products have been tested with Tiger + Logic 7.01 / GB 2.01:

Bass Station 1.4 AU

V-Station 1.4 AU


Speedio MIDI Driver

X-Station MIDI Driver

Speedio Core Audio Driver

X-Station Core Audio Driver

X-Station Beta Core Audio Driver

All work fine, however you cannot use multiple X Stations or multiple Speedios with Tiger’s soundcard device aggregation feature (being able to use multiple soundcards together). One X Station and one Speedio will work together using this feature. The Novation team are currently busy working on a version of V-Station that will run with Logic 7.1.

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