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Ohmforce Remix Cohmpetition

Get ready for the Remix Cohmpetition 2010, and we bet that it’s been a while since the last time you’ve seen a prize kit that fat in a music production contest out there. For those who don’t have all Ohm Force plug-ins yet it’s a great opportunity to finally cohmpleting the whole Ohm collection, while taking advantage of the moment to put hands on some additional gear.

The prizes: our friends from Camel Audio will offer to the big winner their most recent release, the mighty Alchemy synth! Then a bundle Camel Phat + Camel Space and a Cameleon 5000 synth to 2nd and 3rd places, respectivelly. It goes on with Dave and Sharooz – the two sound magicians behind Sample Magic – offering their 144-page book “The Secrets Of House Music Production” to each one of the three winners. And this time we’ll go beyond software: thanks to our generous friends from Muse Research and Development, and also from KVR Audio, we’re gonna give a Receptor2 to the big winner! We’re talking about a powerful plug-in host, a U$2000 value piece of stand alone hardware that can be used on the studio or on stage to run your Ohm Force VST plug-ins – or any other VST plug-in you’ll install on it.