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Acid Pro – The Sonic Foundry Story – Video

Recently I came across this video on Youtube. It is from Jason Donnelly (a.k.a. DJ Puzzle) who worked at Sonic Foundry in the early days. Sonic Foundry are the developers of the Acid Pro DAW software. Eventually, around 2000, the company was sold to Sony. Jason tells us his story how he worked there in the early days, untill he had to leave because of the market crash winter of 2000. This story appeals to me because Acid Pro (2.0) was the first real DAW software that I used, after playing around with some simple looptrackers and stuff. Allthough over the years I have switched to Steinberg’s Cubase I still have it installed on my computer. I seem unable to get rid of it. And I even use it from time to time as I still think when you work with samples and loops this software is one of the best.