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Ofer Shabi (UPIA) on recording album SPL in Cubase

UK-based newcomers Sound Pressure Level are X Factor 2011 participant Roxy Yarnold, Sammie Ellard-King and Alex Wallace who have recently been recording their debut long player The Recipe in Soho Sonic Studios, situated in the heart of London. Production team UPIA, owned by OJ (Ofer Shabi) and Sefi Carmel, produced SPL’s entire album in Cubase 6. Steinberg met up with OJ to talk about the band and the many projects he’s previously been caught up in.

Hypersonic 2 successor HALion Sonic Available – Video

HALion Sonic, the successor to the highly-acclaimed Hypersonic 2, is now available and has been received very positively by Steinberg customers. It definitively sets standards in terms of performance, versatility and ease of use. HALion Sonic sports over 1,000 sounds created by the top sound experts at Steinberg and Yamaha. From finest detailed acoustic instruments to legendary synthesizers, club sounds and soundscapes, from ultra-realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest electronic beats, there’s something in store for everyone. As a VST3 plug-in, HALion Sonic is a fantastic add-on to DAWs such as Cubase 5, but is also the virtual workstation of choice in standalone use.