Virtuasonic updates MIJOY PRO to version 2.2

Version 2.2 for MIJOY PRO is now available for download. MIJOY PRO 2 is a VSTi plug-in that allows you to use a joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller. It can be used to control other VSTi instruments, FX plug-ins and MIDI hardware in real-time.

MIJOY PRO 2 can translate the joystick data into a variety of MIDI messages that includes: Control Change, Pitch Bend, Note, Program Change and Channel After Touch.

This version introduces two useful features and extends the compatibility to other VST Hosts. It is now possible to configure the plug-in to suit different kinds of joysticks and gamepads in a more comfortable way. The new ‘Z-Rotation and Slider Remapping’ function lets you assign an arbitrary control source chosen between Z-axis, Slider 1, Slider 2 and Z-Rotation to the MIJOY PRO ‘Z-rot’ and ‘Slider’ parameters. Thanks to the ‘Deadzone’ function you can also set a non-responsive zone at dead center of X, Y axes as a percentage of the total range.

Virtuasonic MIJOY PRO 2 features:
– Support for multiple joysticks (1 to 8)
– General ON/OFF and independent switch for axis X, Y, Z and Slider
– X, Y, Z and Slider status
– Offset function with assignable minimum and maximum for each MIDI controller
– Output Modes (Sequencer/MIDI Port)
– Smoothness (from 1 to 5)
– 2 axis types (cartesian, radial)
– Binary MIDI controller with assignable min/max (button 1 to 14)
– 2 Button Modes (Press/Release, Switch)
– Support for 14 buttons
– MIDI messages assignable to X, Y, Z and Slider: Control Change, Pitch Bend, Program Change, Channel After Touch
– MIDI messages assignable to joystick buttons: Control Change, MIDI Note, Pitch Bend, Program Change, Channel After Touch, idle (button1)
– Independent MIDI Channel Setup for every axis and button
– List of standard MIDI controllers included in the software package
– X, Y axes Deadzone
– Z-Rotation / Slider Remapping


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