Dubstation from Audio Damage gets an update

Audio Damage has just released an update for its Dubstation delay plugin. The DubStation plug-in is modeled on the “bucket-brigade” style of vintage delay units, and has all the mojo that made those boxes great. Accurate down to the warm sound of the feedback loop and the low-fidelity character of the originals

* New UI: Dubstation has been given a completely new user interface [view].
* HI-CUT knob: Dubstation now has a HI-CUT knob in addition to the LO-CUT knob, for further tone control over the feedback. At its anti-clockwise position, Dubstation 1.5 sounds exactly the same as earlier versions.
* DELAY TIME knob alteration: The DELAY TIME knob has been changed to have a single parameter, rather than separate parameters for free and sync time.
* Other changes: Minor bug fixes; plugin was updated to current AU and VST architectures.

This update is free for registered users of Dubstation, and v1.5 is now in their accounts for download in the Audio Damage store. Dubstation 1.5 is $39 for new customers.

Audio Damage

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