Time to get Dirty with DeLaMancha

This version of Dirtbox from DeLaMancha is already version 3.0. It is a compression/distortion/modulation VST plug-in for Windows. Not longer as freeware but available now for a small price of 12 dollars.

dirtbox is an effect plug-in designed to compress, distort and modulate your audio into a whole new filthy world, from subtle warmth to dynamic destruction. It’s arsenal of dirty bombs cover parallel compression, many flavours of dirt and filth, bit crushing, sample rate dropping and ring modulation. Add to that a 4 way XY pad and 2 tempo-sync LFOs and you can modulate up to 6 parameters to really throw that filth around the place. Time to get dirrrrrrrrrrty!

This major new update includes:
* Completely new parallel compressor.
* 18 flavours of dirt and 3 dirt slots.
* Improved bit crushing and sample rate reduction control.
* Extended ring modulation, 12 varieties and 11 waveforms.
* 4 way XY pad for modulation of up to 4 parameters.
* 2 tempo sync LFOs to automate XY pad and 2 other parameters.
* All modulation is shown in real-time visual indicators for each parameter, LFO and XY pad.
* Over 50 presets covering subtle to painful.


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