Free stereo tool from Flux

Flux have released a freeware plug in for Mac and Windows that allows a super precise control of the stereo image. Stereo Tool features ultra precise controls of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels. A phase inverter is available for each channel. A global stereo pan and a stereo width settings are also implemented to complete the management of the stereo signal.

Stereo Tool also offers an accurate visual feedback reflecting the signal content. A vector scope display, PPM meters for both inputs and outputs, and a phase correlation meter permanently monitor the signal. Flux say that inserting Stereo Tool after a their Bitter Sweet II will open your mind about all the possible manners to control the stereo stage.

Other Flux news
All other plugins have been updated to version Fix and improvements in Flux’s commercial plug-ins since v1.3.0.4:
* Epure Improvement: Q default value is now defined to 7
* Epure Improvement: RTAS CPU consumption.
* Epure Improvement: RTAS Resources update with XML page table include.
* Epure Improvement: Load Time.
* Epure Bug: Master Gain was broken.
* Epure Bug: ProTools Page Table update.
* Epure Improvement: Process CPU consumption optimization.
* Pure Limiter Bug Pure Limiter – Vue Meter Flicker!

New Features in Flux’s commercial plug-ins since v1.3.0.4:
* Epure Eq Scale can now be set as follow: Auto, +- 6 dB, +- 12 dB, +- 24 dB. Right click on the Eq display to access this setting (Menu).


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