Version 7.5 of Orion (Windows) released

This major update introduces a completely new audio engine with improved stability and support for multicore processors, as well as many workflow enhancements and a reworked VST 2.4 implementation for optimal VST plugin support. Furthermore, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista now.

The update is free for all Orion Platinum 7 users. Orion PRO is discontinued with this 7.5 release and will not be updated further. However the upgrade to Orion 7.5 will be available to all Orion PRO customers for a limited period of time and costs only $49 instead of the former price of $99.

New features:
– New engine with multiprocessor support and higher performance at low latencies, at any PPQ
– Auto-Tracking EQs to create high quality mixes more easily
– New effect: Platinum Limiter (modelled after 1176LN)
– New arpgeggiator with additional options
– New VU Meters with peak-hold option
– Last session can now be automatically restored (hold SHIFT on startup to bypass)
– Container Plugins (MultiFX, BandFX) can store presets now, containing other internal effects.
– Sustenuto and Soft Pedal support
– Full VST2.4 compatibility and major VST host upgrade
– Stream To File supports direct streaming into MP3 and OGG
– Ready for Windows Vista (run as administrator)

Demo download

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