New Amps added for Waves GTR3

With 6 new modeled amps (Carvin, Ibanez, and more) plus 7 new cabs from Grammy-winning guitar expert Neil Citron (Slash, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani), GTR3 is literally exploding with sound.

With Citron’s contributions, GTR3, the flagship of Waves’ line of guitar sound processing tools, now includes a total of 32 modeled guitar and bass amps.

From the personal settings on his customized Carvin® Legacy, Ibanez® TN120 Thermion and modified ’60s 100W Marshall® Plexi amps, to his vintage handmade cabinets and hand-picked microphones, Citron’s unmatched expertise and years of experience bring new dimensions to GTR3. Waves precision-modeled Citron’s unique amp configurations and studio techniques, which deliver a realistic, nuanced sound that few producers have been able to achieve. In the modeling process, the amps were miked and sampled using Neve mic-pres and EQ’d exactly the way Citron would record them in a tracking session. Six models resulted from this process: “Clean” and “Crunch” Legatron (based on a customized Carvin Legacy), “Clean” and “Crunch” Thermitron (based on an Ibanez TN120 Thermion) and “Clean” and “Crunch” Plexitron (based on a modified 1960s 100W Marshall Plexi).

As with all Waves models, GTR3 and the new Citron models offer more than approximations of classic sounds. They accurately replicate every last detail of the original gear. “As someone who owns these actual amps, take it from me — with GTR3, now you do too!” stated Citron.

GTR3 Current Features:
* 25 Guitar Amps
* 7 Bass Amps
* 29 Cabs
* 26 Stomps
* Multiple Mics and Mic Settings
* Custom Hardware Interface
* Realistic Dynamic Response
* Expert Presets and FX Chains
* Sync-to-Host BPM Effects
* Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
* Real-Time MIDI Control
* Standalone or DAW Ready

Waves GTR3

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