McDSP intros new Retro Pack Plugin Bundle at the WinterNAMM

McDSP is proud to present the new vintage Retro Pack plug-in line at the 2009 Winter NAMM Show. Originally styled and designed for the ultimate vintage audio vibe, the Retro Pack bundle includes the 4020 Retro EQ, the 4030 Retro Compressor and the 4040 Retro Limiter.

Plug-ins Included in Retro Pack Bundle:
– The 4020 Retro EQ is a four-band EQ and complimentary filter set. The HF and LF bands are shelving EQ, with two additional parametric EQs at the HMF and LMF bands.
– The 4030 Retro Compressor is a new dynamic range control topology coupled with a wet/dry mix control to balance compressed and uncompressed signals. An active attack and release design allows aggressive compression settings with minimal artifact generation.
– The 4040 Retro Limiter combines a look-ahead brick wall limiter function with several subjective treatments to make the limiting action subtle, and yet vintage.

Available Spring 2009
Shipping in Spring 2009, the Retro Pack HD Bundle will be available for $995, and the Native Bundle will be available for $495. Please stay tuned for more details and information. The McDSP HD line supports TDM, RTAS and Audiosuite formats and the Native line supports RTAS and Audiosuite formats.


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