More Mixblendr open source audio editing and remixing software

Mixblendr is open source audio editing and remixing software that you can install on your website. Mixblendr lets fans create remixes in real-time in a browser, and lets bands host their own remix competitions.

Mixblendr lets you provide your users with audio tracks of your choosing, which they can remix and mashup using our powerful and easy-to-use audio application.

These remixes can then be entered into a competition to be voted on by the audience of your site. Mixblendr is an all-in one solution for creating remix competitions, interactive music experiences, or online collaboration.

Mixblendr was founded by Sandy Parakilas and Jon Nathanson. Sandy is a musician and recording engineer who was looking for a better way to make remixes and mashups and share them with his friends. Jon was an executive at Fox Mobile Studios.

They collaborated with former Java Sound lead developer/code ninja Florian Bömers, who developed the Mixblendr audio applet, with an interface designed by Sandy. Additional collaborators to the project include Alex Bart, Scott Belie, and Josh Hara.

Mixblendr is comprised of two components:

  1. The Mixblendr software package can be installed on your website and allows management of administrator-uploaded audio tracks for user remixing and publication of finished remixes as entries to a remix competition. Users can vote on entries, deadlines can be set, and prizes can be awarded to the highest-scoring remix. The software package also includes the Mixblendr audio application.
  2. The Mixblendr audio application (a Java applet), is part of the software package and features multi-channel audio mixing with real-time effects and automation, and lets you add files (drag-and-drop remixing) and edit in real-time. This can be compared to a simplified version of Pro Tools,  Garage Band, or other digital audio workstation software. Except Mixblendr works in your browser, is open source, works in real-time, and can publish finished files directly to the host website. Currently the audio application is a component of the software package. However, we will also be offering stand-alone desktop and mobile versions of the audio application separately soon.

Anyone can download the Mixblendr package and install it on their server. Mixblendr is also easy to setup and administer, there’s a setup guide here.

Mixblendr is more than just a remix competition engine:
  • Create interactive, DJ-style mixtapes with cross-fading and effects.
  • Collaborative music projects – share tracks with your collaborators, and make mixes and remixes of each others’ work.
  • Interactive web audio installations – for example, user-driven ambient soundscapes.
  • Treasure hunt song releases – release a song as separate audio files in different places on the web,  then encourage your fans find them and piece them together and share the results using Mixblendr.
  • Use Mixblendr as the audio engine for an interactive music game.

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