AudioDamage Pulse Modulator for Free

Audio Damage have released another free plugin for you to grab at the freebies page in the AD store. It is a copy of PulseModulator, the plug-in they made for Computer Music magazine’s cover disk about three years ago.

AudioDamage tells us this via their blog: “… It is a fairly odd plug-in, I’ll be honest. It is a semi-model of this pedal, an optical tremolo Electro-Harmonix put out in the 70s. Three LFOs drive a single VCA, resulting in some quite strange waveshapes. We gave it tempo sync because, well, why not?

Anyhow, a lot of people that don’t have access to Computer Music magazine have been asking for this lately, so we decided to go ahead and just add it to the store as a freebie. We’ll make a new CM exclusive shortly.

As an aside, this plug-in is what led to the original BigSeq, if you were curious. I made one using the same LFO structure but with a filter instead of a VCA, but I could never get it to work right. I then re-did the architecture to just have a gate sequencer, and then I got the filter bit working. I stuck ’em together and BigSeq was born. I did all this while Adam was doing the hard parts of Phase Two.”



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