Mu Technologies release Mu Voice 1.3

With the release of Mu Voice 1.3, MIDI support is considerably extended with Program Change and Control Change Events. As a result, MIDI devices like foot switches and expression pedals can be configured to control Mu Voice any way you want.

  • Control Change Events: When controlling a plug-in with more than 70 parameters youneed something that goes way beyond standard MIDI mapping. The “Controller” display in Mu Voice maps a single controller to any number of parameters and defines a mapping curve for each parameter.
  • Playlist: Create a list of all your tracks before you hit the stage by using the “Playlist” display. The buttonsabove the display allow you to navigate the chord scheme incrementally or by anchor points and to switch between different songs.
  • MIDI to Pitch – MIDI to Harmony: Mu Voice can be configured to tune to notes that are pressed on a MIDI keyboard. Also the pitch of a note can be sent to a harmony channel when it is put to MIDI mode. In addition the “MIDI2Pitch” display allows you to make parameters depend directly on the pitch or the interval between the lead and the harmony.

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