New Advanced SL 3 Interface Introduced for Serato Scratch Live

Rane is proud to introduce a new audio interface for Serato Scratch Live. The new Rane SL 3 is being unveiled at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt this week and is sure to turn heads in the music world once again.

Five years ago, the Rane SL 1 became what is now a modern classic, setting the stage for the future of digital DJing. Like the SL 1, the SL 3 is one tough piece of hardware, built with premium components. Both feature galvanic isolation to prevent computer noise interfering with the audio path. The Rane SL 3 ships with a soft carry case and an international power supply for easy transfers between DJs.

“Our professional customers want a bigger sound from a smaller box with simpler connections, so that’s exactly what we’ve made” reports Steve Macatee from Rane Corporation.” The SL 3 is about minimizing noise and maximizing audio performance”.

The SL 3 design concentrates on optimizing sound quality and producing a rugged and compact solution.

The Rane SL 3 is an advanced bus-powered 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interface for Serato Scratch Live. Like all Rane products, the SL 3 is handcrafted in the USA under strict quality control to insure long-term reliability and performance.

At a time when most companies are cutting corners, the SL 3 is a premium product designed with the discerning performer in mind.

“If you play on quality sound systems, make your own music creations, like to remix live or use uncompressed audio, then your crowd will really appreciate the advantage the SL 3 gives you,” says Sam Gribben from Serato, “It’s the biggest way yet to DJ with Scratch Live, it’s an absolute monster of a box!”

The Rane SL 3 has a massive 104 dB dynamic range, allowing plenty of space to mix between vinyl, CDs and Scratch Live with headroom to spare.

The studio grade input preamps are the same as those found in the Rane TTM 57SL performance mixer. Each channel is individually switchable, allowing for a mix of turntables and CD players. The compact design eliminates the need for extra cables, making for a quick and easy set up.

Armed with an extra set of auxiliary channels, the SL 3 opens the doors to future expansion and creative configuration for DJs and electronic musicians.

The Rane SL 1 for Serato Scratch Live continues to be available as the industry standard for digital DJs.

The Rane SL 3 for Serato Scratch Live is shipping now.



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