CME WIDI-XU wireless midi interface on a stick

CME is proud to announce the WIDI-XU, the world’s first “flash disk-like” wireless MIDI interface. The WIDI-XU is the smallest member of the WIDI family, needing no MIDI IN/OUT port, just an USB plug.

Simply plug it into your computer, to enable wireless Duplex MIDI data transfer with other CME WIDI products. The WIDI-XU is quite compact and cheap, making it a great choice as a wireless MIDI system for computer use. The WIDI-XU even provides one-to-multi communication; one WIDI-XU can connect to many wireless MIDI devices, up to 64 MIDI channels. The WIDI-XU also has the same capability as other larger WIDI products, for example: 80m maximum wireless range, powerful error correction with automatic notes-off and on-line detection etc. Free yourself from the restrictions of the MIDI cable! For a musician, the WIDI-XU should be an indispensable piece of hardware, just like a flash disk. When musicians come together, turn on your WIDI, and start a wireless MIDI party.

Main features:
– USB class compliant for Win XP and Mac OS X, supporting hot plug. No driver needed.
– The working band is 2.4GHz ISM.
– USB <–> RF transmission mode.
– Duplex wireless MIDI data transfer.
– Manual switching for one-to-multi communication (auto finding and selecting).
– Low power consumption, high speed, powerful error correction with automatic notes-off and on-line detection.
– Maximum wireless transfer distance is 80m(262 feet) without obstacle.
– 64 radio channels for MIDI data transfer, with manual or automatic radio channel setting mode.
– When connected to computer via USB, this product will be automatically recognized as the “USB Audio Device”, fully support MIDI data stream, compatible with Cakewalk, Sonar, Cubase etc.
– Automatic searching, manual or automatic channel setting and other system function can be controlled by the special MIDI SysEx command from USB.
– Powered and upgrade program via USB.
– Indicator for signal and power.





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