Propellerheads new DAW – Today is the day? [UPDATE 2]

Last week the rumours emerged on a new spectacular product from the boys from Sweden. It seems to be some new kind of DAW, not another version of Reason! Today (may 9th) the Producers Conferences are held, where this new DAW would be presented to the world. That they will come up with something new is now a fact as Propellerheads have posted a teaser video themselves on Youtube. See it for yourself below.


Peter Kirn of CDM has spoken to Propellerhead co-founder Ernst Nathorst-Böös. Without giving much away Peter learned that the name of this new application will be RECORD.

Record is an audio recording program, says Ernst, but “This program has nothing to do with audio. It’s all about music… We wanted this to be about music making.” Record is a piece of software designed around the musical possibilities of recording audio, he explains, emphasizing the actual act of recording and working with sound in ways that are always connected to musical time, beats and bars, and a fluid approach to tempo and tempo changes. It focuses on a single task rather than bundling together lots of tasks.”

CDM has more on this story.




We found another clip on Youtube with an actual screenshot from Record:

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