de la Mancha Slix randomising loop slicer released

de la Mancha announced the release of slix, a randomising loop slicer co-developed with sink, who also created 295 original drum loops for the plugin. It is available now for $39 or in a bundle with Impakter and thr33some for $60.

Slix is a loop slicer that uses randomisation to switch between up to 4 different loops, each with their own randomised re-order, repeat, reverse and gating effects. All of this is in tempo-sync with your host and can be great for anything from full-on glitchy beat-mongering to subtle variations depending on your taste or the phase of the moon.

Slix also comes with 295 original drum loops by sink, covering breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, electro, 8 bit, lofi, vintage, IDM, FSU and glitch, demonstrated in 57 presets. You can of course load your own wavs (16,24 or 32 bit, mono or stereo)

The download includes 3 versions of slix, the standard version can load up to 4 loops, the 4×4 version has a stereo out for each loop and the slix one version is a simplified single loop slicer.

There is a demo VST and audio demo available from the slix webpage, so you can check it out before buying. For more information, to download the demo version and to purchase, please visit:




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