NI Guitar Rig Go – FREE! – Update

GUITAR RIG 3 GO is a free guitar software that offers some of the most sought after components from the legendary GUITAR RIG 3: Lead 800, Skreamer and Delay Man. These stunning emulations provide a rack full of professional equipment that lets you dial in signature tones in no time. GUITAR RIG 3 GO features the same easy-to-use interface and uncompromising sound quality that have made GUITAR RIG legendary. With both tuner and tape deck modules this free gear lets you play and record your musical ideas instantly.

GO not only gives you some of the best sounding components of GUITAR RIG for free. It also features a demo mode, so that you can check out all 12 amps and 44 effects of the GUITAR RIG 3 Software Edition anytime you want. With the “Switch to Full Version Demo Mode” function, this is easy as 1-2-3.

Native Instruments

Update: Currently, it is only available as a download from NI when the coupon code mtgr3 is used.


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