Rob Papen officially announces RP-Verb

Reverb is a very critical effect when mixing. A bad sounding reverb can ruin the mix of your music! Today’s powerful computers makes it possible to run far more complex algorithms then in the past. But still… it is down to the algorithms if a reverb sounds great or terrible.


As a young synth player, Rob became obsessed with rooms and reverbs. Together with Jon Ayres, Rob Papen has dived into codes and searched for new directions.. new algorithms. After long testing and tweaking, the result is an unique sounding reverb plugin, the reverb you have been waiting for for year to have available in your setup.

The first respond of pro users like Arman van Buuren were comments like “Wow” or “Amazing!”….

The “main focus” of the RP-VERB plug is its sound. So the controls are “exactly” the ones you need! Easy to use “space types” are included, each of them have their own character. Long tail reverbs… or unheard of rooms are possible. Just like the RP synthesizers….it is purely made for audio quality, performance and making music. Mix with RP-Verb and you will discover its amazing sound.

Expected: End July Euro 149 / USD 179

Rob Papen



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